Our Brand Manifesto

The inspiration for Mission Cabana Edible Flower Farm begins in gardens, meadows, orchards and fields, where the timeless act of picking and harvesting botanicals season by season is part of the natural cycle of a year, where we rediscover our affinity with nature, the water, the soil, the flora and fauna, our Earth. We believe in saving nature with engaged ecological practices that preserve and enhance it.

Flowers, herbs and leaves have played an equally important role in cultural and spiritual practices for many people and traditions. They have been ever-present in the history of humankind, symbolizing the essence of life.

As the industrial age reshaped modern life, commerce formed around flowers, reducing many floral crops into commodities which are produced, sold and used with little regard to the environmental and human costs they cause. Flowers that became cultivated crops had their perfume genetically bred out of them to increase their cut staying power. This causes these plants to no longer connect with their wild neighbours in the field. The plants intricate system of communicating between their roots to warn off predators and enhance their growth becomes depleted. Our crops need to become wild again.

Mission Cabana Edible Flower Farm uses slow farm methods, a movement that recognizes that production of plant food today is not sustainable for people or for the planet, particularly when flowers are often considered a luxury. Slow farmers believe that it is irresponsible to support the continued production and consumption of a perishable product that devours so many valuable resources, the use of pesticides, fungicides, and insecticides. Slow farming with Mission Cabana is a response to the dramatic changes of the past 25 years. It recognizes that there is a disconnect that has disengaged humans from fragrant garden flowers and small-scale edible flower farming. It aspires to take back the act of flower growing and recognize it as a relevant and respected branch of horticulture that will always be boutique.

It means enriching people as well as our planet, its biodiversity and resources. We are committed to encouraging people to eat edible flowers that will optimise their health and help communities to thrive.

Our products are fresh and organic, free of sprays and have an honest meaning beyond marketing and profit.